Sunday, September 12, 2010

New buddies and meeting my match in frisbee!!!!

Last night my  mom took me and little big brother to the dog park again. This time we brought my new friend Maddie the muttly, she has a golden retriever mommy and a stray black lab daddy. She is a fun little girl.
She is still really Young so the only time she will sit still for a picture is when someone held up a treat above the camera.
I also met my match yesterday!!!!! I don't know about you all but I didn't think it was possible for anyone to best me with a Frisbee. Mind you she wasn't as fast or as kangaroo'ish but she was fast at one thing...keep away!
This is her shes really hard to get a good picture of mom says because she never stopped moving.

Here she is. Like I said hard to photo. She is only a puppy too though at only 10 months old!

The two puppies meeting.

Maddie again. Isn't my mom good at pictures, seeing as it was so hard to capture zoomie puppies on camera.
Here is just some more fun pictures.

Isn't I pretty?
And INTENSE! Ha ha ha Daddy had the Frisbee.

Crazy puppy.
And now more of me!

Dang how did that get in there!

Okay yes shes cute...but is she as cute as this...

I guess I will compromise with this.

And a butt shot.

Mom said I had to include my brother because he got the zoomies really bad right before we left and this is what happened on camera.

Then we went home very tired after a long day. We all went to sleep right after dinner!

Here is a video of us me and my match, Holly the vizla playing with the Frisbee.

As you can see I get kind of grump with her at the end because she was teasing me the whole time!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Canine good citizen!

So as you all know Wednesday my mom took me to obedience class. Mom said I was one of the most obedient dogs there, which if you saw these other dogs, is not really saying much. When I would be focusing on my mom all the other dogs would be going crazy. The hardest thing for me personally though was the fact that mom always wants me to walk on the right side but this time she made me change because the teacher made her. I was CONFUSED!!!

Dad got in trouble because he distracted me for this pic...silly Daddy!

Much better!
There was a little corgi next to me that kept  distracting. We were all to packed in like sardines and didn't have any room to breath. There was a Basset hound that kept stopping and his mommy was like its okay, I didn't think it was that okay! He kept stopping right in front of me and I didn't know what to do with my self! My Mommy was right when she said I would get cookies. She gave me lots for doing all the things she told me to do. Everyone thought it was neat that I could do the sit, stay, come right from the bat and didn't need any time to learn the commands. The whole time I was just thinking Mommy had treats and I would do anything to get more! MMMMM I love those new Tillman's treats!
Here's some more pics from my night at training!

I was supposed to ignore the dog coming up to me and just sit like a good dog, did I do good?
Little big brother Maxx was sitting with Daddy on the side lines. Daddy was taking pictures so he got some good ones of Maxx too. Ugh Mom says I have to show them off too! .......ugh.......fine.......

Stupid little cute tongue!

Okay so I do like him sometimes but I am still better looking (and Mom's favorite...sssshhhhhh don't tell him)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dog Park MADNESS!!!

So my humans took  me and Maxx to the dog park last night. Man I love the dog park!!! My mommy got me a new Frisbee!!!! My old one was kinda icky and permanently bent and just holy and gross! I go to the Dog Park to play play play! Maxx goes to the dog park to socialize with all the other doggies! Moms camera didn't have enough memory space so she only got a few things bummer! That's okay though because I still got to play play play!!!
The other fun dogs kept taking my Frisbee but I let them know who's boss...they quickly learned that if they got to the Frisbee first that they were supposed to let me take it back to my mommy. I mean how could they not this is my mission in life to take my Frisbee to my mommy!

Mom did not get a chance to take many good pics as right after she took a few more after this one the camera ran out of space...bummer! NOT throw the damn Frisbee Mom!
This dang poodle kept taking the Frisbee right out of Mom's hand. Silly puppy was only 9 months old.

If you look really really close you can see me doing a barrel roll trying to pick up my Frisbee at a full on run in the back round of this other crazy dog!

This is the last thing the camera captured before it was full. I is pretty yes? Look at how athletic I am to get the Frisbee.
Daizie blows bubbles every time she walks around in the waddey pool. She also thinks she needs to clean off the Frisbee every time I throw it into dirt. Silly girl!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Favorite pics Post

Today I thought i would shares some of my favorite pics of b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l ME!

My first pic with Mom!

Ok so its actually moms stupid little big brother!
My better side! Mom likes me black blotch on the other side but I dont!

I know so much Beauty your eyes can NOT take any more!

Monday, September 6, 2010

So I Forgot

To tell you all about my weekend. My humans had a big fun thing in the drive way all weekend(we will not mention that it ruined my weekend wishes of going to the dog park), I was confused because everyone kept taking all my humans stuff but they were letting them so I let them. I got to meet a lot of fun smelling people. My favorite human(mom) said we start obedience class this week whatever that is. She says I will get a lot of treats. So defiantly looking forward to that! Other then that my human dad took me down the neighborhood and let me play with some fun little short humans! They threw a ball for me and I chased it, Dad was really proud he said. One of the little humans parents came out and asked if I was okay to be off leash, Dad chuckled and said I was great off leash and was okay to play with the little humans. I went on a few car rides and got to go take brother to the groomers, that was funny because he came back almost naked! I got a new food that makes me not itch! Mom says it's called allergies that cause hot spots, all I know is my butt itched all the time! They put me on the same food as brother and i feel a lot better!
I so I will be starting my Canine Good Citizen class this week I will let my humans take me just for the treats! Mom says I will learn something but I just want TREATS!
Me the jumping frisbee dog!

New Treats!

This morning my mom started giving my brother and i some new treats. They are really really yummy I make sure she knows i will do anything to get one, or even part of one.
MMM, they are tasty I even learned a new tricks just to get more! My copy cat brother thinks hes big stuff and tried to hone in on my mom/treat time. He started to do the same tricks just to get my treats. Did I mention he really annoys me. Mom tells him all the time he's cute but then I always make sure she knows I'm cuter.
Here you decide for yourself...BEAUTY CONTEST TIME!
Who do you think is prettier just to clear this up?
Oh and you can't look at his tongue he uses it to sway everyone over to the dark side. Dang wish i had an underbite...weird little freak.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An Introduction!

Time for an introduction (tail wags please),
My name is Daizie-Mae; a lot of people call me Crazy Daizie though or just NO Daizie NO!
Well where to begin? I am an Australian cattle dog of the blue variety! I do not have tan markings on my chest legs or face like others like me but mom says that's because there is none other like me!
I found my breed on the AKC website but I don't look like that dog even though I am purebred. Mom says don't dwell on what others think of you or your fellows it will eat you up. What she forgets is that I am an OCD-ACD and will always think think think.
This is me always has a ball in her hand above that flashy thing.!!!

Other then that what to say...I have a little big brother(he's older), he teases me all the time cause I'm twice his size but not as old. Mom makes him stop but he still does it when she can't see...ugh brothers! I try not to let him get away with teasing me, most of the time we end up wrestling, its like a WWE smack down. I win normal because I am 39(shh I am trim) and he's only 13 so i pin him most of the time!
I do love him but do NOT tell him I said that cause he wont ever let me live it down. The teasing would never end!
It's time for my walk mom says so I will leave the comments open so you can ask questions and I will answer them next time!

I am excited to go on a walk! Mom says I am a good heeler(ha ha get it).