Sunday, September 12, 2010

New buddies and meeting my match in frisbee!!!!

Last night my  mom took me and little big brother to the dog park again. This time we brought my new friend Maddie the muttly, she has a golden retriever mommy and a stray black lab daddy. She is a fun little girl.
She is still really Young so the only time she will sit still for a picture is when someone held up a treat above the camera.
I also met my match yesterday!!!!! I don't know about you all but I didn't think it was possible for anyone to best me with a Frisbee. Mind you she wasn't as fast or as kangaroo'ish but she was fast at one thing...keep away!
This is her shes really hard to get a good picture of mom says because she never stopped moving.

Here she is. Like I said hard to photo. She is only a puppy too though at only 10 months old!

The two puppies meeting.

Maddie again. Isn't my mom good at pictures, seeing as it was so hard to capture zoomie puppies on camera.
Here is just some more fun pictures.

Isn't I pretty?
And INTENSE! Ha ha ha Daddy had the Frisbee.

Crazy puppy.
And now more of me!

Dang how did that get in there!

Okay yes shes cute...but is she as cute as this...

I guess I will compromise with this.

And a butt shot.

Mom said I had to include my brother because he got the zoomies really bad right before we left and this is what happened on camera.

Then we went home very tired after a long day. We all went to sleep right after dinner!

Here is a video of us me and my match, Holly the vizla playing with the Frisbee.

As you can see I get kind of grump with her at the end because she was teasing me the whole time!

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